Jesus is No Myth

Dedicated to promoting the idea that the Biblical Jesus Christ was a historical character.

  Who moved the stone?

If the women could not move it,

the disciples dared not move it,

the Jewish rulers would not move it,


the Romans were there to prevent

anyone moving it

then who moved the stone?


Jesus walks on the water

The Apostle John in his gospel tells of an incident that has become much maligned, ridiculed and scoffed at by doubters and accepted only hesitantly by other readers of the Bible.[1] It occurred after Jesus, having only five loaves and two fish, fed five thousand men, besides women and children on a hill not far from Bethsaida. The miracle aroused such fervor among the ones who benefitted that they were persuaded to "take Him by force and make him king." But Jesus had no wish to be made king by force so he left the crowds and withdrew to a mountain so that He might be alone.

The disciples who we understand to be the inner circle of Apostles did not accompany Jesus into the seclusion of the mountain. Instead, Jesus told them to go down to the sea of Galilee where they might enter a boat and proceed across the sea to the city of Capernaum.

It was dark when they embarked and Jesus had not yet returned to accompany them. As they crossed the sea a strong wind arose and stirred the waters until great waves tossed their boat, and as it happens so many times in life the winds were contrary and threatening. In this circumstance who would not become distressed and frightened?

Then sometime between 3 am and 6 am, as they would say in the fourth watch of the night, after they had rowed about half-way across the sea, they looked and they saw in the dim light a figure they thought must be a ghost walking on the sea and drawing near.

They were troubled and afraid. They even cried out, "It is a ghost!"

But Jesus said, "It is I; do not be afraid."

So, even amid the turbulence of the sea, the strength of the contrary wind, and the surrounding darkness, they recognized the familiar voice. It was the Lord, And then they "were willing" to receive Him into the boat. But when the Lord entered they were immediately at the land to which they were going.

As it was with the disciples crossing the sea of Galilee on that eventful night so it is with people today. They must cross the sea as it were, but the way is dark and they cannot see;  the wind is contrary and the storms of life threaten to overwhelm the tiny boat in which they must navigate.

But remember the disciples. They were willing to receive Jesus into their boat.

Let Jesus come into your boat.

And you will find yourself in safe harbor.

[1] John 6:15-21.

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